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my chicken and I!


my first photoshoot!!

Fun facts about me!

* I have two cats, four chickens, and one dog 

* My favorite superhero is Batman

* According to UW, I am an intermediate French speaker (Thanks Duolingo)

 Hello there!
My name is Cindy Arias, and I am a Seattle-based freelance photographer. I started my journey almost four years ago, in November 2018. My friend Christina took a chance on me and let me take her senior portraits. From there, I grew my love for photography.
My friends and family began to ask me to take their photos, and from them, I gained experience. This has made me focus on portraits, but I do a bit of everything from maternity shoots to parties, even car shoots! I love to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Even though I have done over 200 sessions, I continue to grow and learn more with each session! 
When I am not a photographer, I am usually busy working full-time in the higher education field or catching up on sleep.
Capturing customers' special moments has been the best part of this job.  I grew up south of Seattle, being the youngest of a family of seven. I have only a few childhood pictures and two family portraits. Taking photos of my memorable moments was never an option for my family because we could never afford it.  I don’t want this to happen to others. I want to be affordable and accessible to all to capture their moments. I can't wait to capture more moments.
I hope to work with you in the future!
- Cindy Arias 


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