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Amy's Senior Portraits

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Amy is my first senior of class of 2021 to shoot! I had the opportunity to take her photos all due to my close friend Elijah who set us up. Thanks Elijah! It was a very exciting shoot because it was my first time shooting in two cities in one session. But I would do it again! It was entertaining since each location offered different dynamics. We started off shooting in Clark Lake in Kent for some golden hour field photos since Amy found my previous work there agreeable. When we arrived all the tall grass was cut -_- But we managed to capture beautiful portraits, as well as a few couple shots with her boyfriend who tagged along. We carpooled to Seattle for our next stop, the Waterfront/Pike(THANKS AMY FOR BEING A GREAT DRIVER) We were able to get to Seattle in time to capture sunset photos. Amy previously wore a dress for her field photos but changed to a street casual outfit that pulled off a Seattle vibe. We finished the night by taking a few photos in my favorite mural of pink flowers down in Pike Market.

Thanks, Amy for letting me take your portraits, and hope to see you at UW soon! :)

  • Cindy:)

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