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Lily's Summer Shoot❁

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Last month, I had the honor of taking my best friend Lily's portraits. It was honestly a dream shoot for me. But it didn't start that way, I wanted to do a dandelion shoot, but when we arrived at the location, all the dandelions were dead... I decided to take the photos at a park near my house that has these magnificent willow trees. Luckily golden hour was still happening, and we manage to capture magical photos.

It was entertaining working with Lily since she is, after all, my best friend :) We started walking around the trail and took some more but rushed back to the car since it was quickly getting dark. We tried to shove my bike in her car but got it stuck for roughly 10 minutes. The striking panic we felt when we couldn't get it out of her car was quite amusing. We ended our day by purchasing ice cream at the gas station :)

Thanks Lily for being one of my biggest supporters, a stupendous model, and my best friend!

  • Cindy:)

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