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Favorite Photoshoot Locations (September 2020)

I believe that any location can be an excellent photoshoot site, but I do have my preferences on locations; here are a few of my all time favs!


Even though it has been a while since shooting, this site will always be my favorite. IKEA has furnished displayed rooms and decent lighting. The best part is that it is an indoor place (and has a restaurant); I like to have shoots here during the rainy season because at least it is dry there!

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

This location is my prized gem. You can no longer take portraits at the Volunteer Conservatory, so I researched a place that does. The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden not only lets you take photos but also has a conservatory! You do have to pay. Click the title for more information!

Clark Lake

I came upon Clark Lake when I had a cross country race there, and ever since then, I come by often to walk my dog but more often for photoshoots! It has beautiful fields, a lake, daisies, and cute mini bridges.

University of Washington-Seattle

UW is known for its Hogwarts similarity looks and its beautiful scenery. It is such a beautiful and magical place to take photos in my opinion. I happen to be a bit biased since I go to school there, but I know the sweet spots to take pictures!

Seattle Parking Garages

Parking Garages are the best spot for downtown photos, not only for the scenery, but there are no people there! Any parking lot will do (I prefer the one in front of Pike Market) and get on the most top floor to get the background buildings in the photos.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square offers beautiful rustic vibes. It has handsome buildings and offers pockets of nature throughout the area such as Occidental Square and UPS Waterfall Garden Park.

Seattle Public Library-Central Library

Need an indoor photoshoot location on a rainy day? THIS IS IT!! The lighting in this place is exquisite on a cloudy day. The library has 11 floors, and each floor offers a new opportunity to take different photos.

Downtown Kent

Downtown Kent is THE MOST UNDERRATED photo location! This site offers so much, and you only have to do a bit walking to get through of all of downtown Kent! Also, there is hardly ever people walking by, so no photobombing in pictures!

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