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What's In My Camera Bag?📷 (September 2020)

I remember when I started off in photography, and I had no idea what I needed during a shoot. I watched some YouTube videos and searched on Pinterest on what to bring on my shoots. It helped a lot however I learned more from experience. Now I am sharing to hopefully help other photographers.

To start off with, I don't even use a camera bag at the moment… Due to COVID, I try not to carry much while in my photoshoots to disinfect easier when I get home. I will only go over what I currently bring on my shoots not pre-COVID

Gear List:

Canon EOS R

My EOS R(aka Jacob (thanks Yvette & Mattely for the name))is my pride and joy. I used to work with a Canon Rebel 6 who was my first love, but I needed a camera that had better accurate autofocus, increased pixel count, and a faster shooting rate. Which is why I upgraded to an EOS R.

Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter

Since the EOS R is a mirrorless camera, I had to make an additional purchase to an adapter to use my old lenses with my new camera.

Canon 50mm 1.8

If you are a new photographer and are questioning what lens should I get... BUY THIS ONE. It is affordable and has a great aperture that makes your photos have a sharp look.

Canon 24mm 2.8

The only pancake lens I have. A pancake lens means a flat wide prime lens. I don't use it often as I use my 50mm, but it is an excellent lens for landscape and group portraits.

Lens Wipes

Sometimes dirt or dust gets on my lens or glasses, so it is nice to have a wipe to clean it!

Oil-Absorbing Sheets

I had to learn this from experience to bring these bad boys!!! During photoshoots, you have to move a lot, and the client sometimes gets oily, but have no fear since I carry these sheets!! They come super handy:)

Plastic Bag

I have had cases where my clients or I feel nauseated, so I always bring a plastic bag just in case, and I use it as a cover for my camera when it rains!

Pepto Bismol

For emergencies, if anyone stomachs hurts! An upset stomach is no joke.

Hand sanitizer

Safety first! Anytime a client or I touch something, I offer some because you can never be too safe!

Business Cards

I have business cards I created in Canva that I try to hand out after each session.


Most of my photoshoots are in Seattle, so I take the link to get there. So I just pop these bad boys and pretend I am in a coming of age film;)


I don't use my phone during the shoot except to pull up GPS, check the time, or to show my album that I have for poses if I get stuck.


I use two masks because safety first:)

And I carry all these in my fanny pack( literally a soccer mom) or an over the shoulder bag which I immediately wash after I come home. And of course, I use Lysol disinfecting spray or wipes to disinfect my items once I come home.

Hope this helps at least one person!

  • Cindy:)

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